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Department Email Websites
Aqueelah Ahmad Health
Bryan Allen Social Studies Email
Emily Althafer Special Education Email
Pam Andreasen Clinic Email
Robin Apollon Administrative Assistant Email
Tania Armer Spanish Email eCLASS
Tamika Barnes Special Education Email Website
Paul Barnette Science Email eClass
Britney Barrett Social Studies Email
Christy Battle Science Email Website
Daryl Beard Stellar Sub Email
John Becker Engineering CDAT Email Website
Nadine Bell Language Arts Email
Allyson Bonning Math Email Website
Anne Bozeman Social Studies
Nicholas Brenner Physical Education Email Website
Carrie Ann Britt Language Arts/ESOL Email Website
Debbie Brito Parapro Email
Laurie Brown Foreign Language Email Website
Lindsey Buffington Language Arts Email Website
Jaclyn Burrell Asst. Principal Email
Lora Butler Testing/Records Email
Shawn Cahill Social Studies Email eClass
Jennifer Calabrese French Email
Aryelle Calkins Physics
Kathy Carswell Registrar Email
Malissa Chadwick Math Email Website
Glenn Chance Language Arts Email
Tamaiko Chappell Math Email Website
Jessica Coleman Math Email Website
Mike Cook Science Email Website
Casey Cox Special Education Email
Claire Crowe FCS Email
Joy Crowe Special Education Email Website
Randy Crutchfield Language Arts Email eClass
Tom Culpepper Computer Science Email Website
Mike Davis Special Education Email
Riviere Duffy French
Mike Dunning Physical Education Email Website
Rozina Essani Math Email
Theresa Ferguson SASI Clerk Email
Amanda Fitzpatrick Math Email
Nubia Fletter Chemistry
Tiffany Cole Visual Arts Email Website
Liz Foy Special Education Email Website
Jill Fullem Special Education
Suzanne Gordon Media Center Email Website
Justin Grant Asst. Principal, 9th and 10th grades Email
Taylor Greer Chorus Email Website
Reuben Gresham Principal Email
Bobby Gueh Counselor Email
Lori Guidi Orchestra Email Website
Robin Guttinger Special Education Email  
Bernadine Haire Parapro Email
Jarrod Hardin Parapro Email
David Hendrix Social Studies Email
Tyler Henry Special Education Email Website
Jessica Hernandez Foreign Language – Spanish Email Website
Ryan Hill Special Ed. Email
Jen Hofmann Copy Clerk Email
Jeremy Huckaby Social Studies Email Website CPUSH APUSH
Jack Hughes Math Email Website
Rolando Jimenez School Resource Officer Email Website
Collin Jones Social Studies Email
Kyle Jones Language Arts Email
Jim Kay Business Ed. Email Website
Naomi Kirchner Language Arts Email CDAT Gifted
Bill Kruskamp Community School Director Email
Cassandra Labella Math Email Website
Jane Langan Language Arts Email Website
Jeannie Lanio Science Email Website
Melissa Lee Math Email Website
Joshua Link Math Email Website
Chad Longe Special Education Email
Jenn Lopez Family Consumer Science Email Website
Angel Luna Nutrition/Cafeteria Email
Laura Maclaren Health Occupations
Amy Manlapas Social Studies and Technology Email Website
Lisa Marvel Athletics/Activities Clerk Email
Daron Martin Chemistry
Matt McDonald Athletic Director Email
Devin McLeod Social Studies
Nancy McRee Discipline Clerk Email
Pedro Medina School Resource Officer Email Website
Korey Mobbs Physical Education Email Website
Michelle Morea Drama/Art Email Website
Deanna O’Donnell Special Education Email
David B. Palmer Social Studies Email eClass
Terri Parlato Language Arts Email Website
Amanda Partee Manders Art Email
Jody Pass Parapro Email
Chris Patterson Special Education Email
Ananis Perez Social Studies Email
Teresa Perez Counseling Email
Oji Perkins Special Education Email Website
Keith Phillips AV/Yearbook Email Website
Mittal Philogene Math Email
Sadrac Philogene Math Email eClass
Kim Pierson Media Clerk Email
Ryan Proffitt Language Arts Email eClass
Steven Pryor Physics Email
Chris Reeves Special Education Email
Mike Reilly Engineering CDAT Email Website
Elizabeth Ricci Language Arts
Margaret Rohrbaugh Science Email Website
Loomus Rollins Parapro Email
Lauren Rowland Speech Email
Stephanie Rudnik Physical Education Email Website
Patty Runkle Front Desk Email
Amber Sanderson Science
Tara Seay Asst. Principal/ 11th and 12th grade Email Website
Dawn Shiraef Marketing Email eClass DECA
Rhonda Silva Foreign Language Email Website
Jordan Simpkins Science Email
Bill Smith Language Arts Email
Talisa Smith Special Education Email
Danny Spence Health Occupations
Cynthia Stanley Parapro Email
Molly Stiltner A.P. Email
Amanda Steele Parapro Email
Rhonda Stroud LSTC
Meg Terry Parapro Email
Ben Tingle Band Director Email Website
Fran Tolbert Special Education Email Website
Anette Torres Spanish Email Website
Reilly Van Brocklin Special Education Email
Kenrick Voglezon Technology Support Email
Quincy Wallace AP, Curriculum Email
Meredith Warren Science/SPED Email eClass
Jay Warren ESOL/SS/SE Email eClass
Brooke Webb Language Arts Email Website
Leigh Ann Weeks Parapro Email
Susie Weetman Language Arts Email Website
Angela West Counseling Email
Luke Wiggs Math
Christopher Williams Math Email
Cynthia Williams Student Services Clerk Email
Jeremy Williamson Science/SPED Email Website
David Willingham Math Email Website
Tim Wilson Head Custodian Email
Connie Wood Parapro
Jonathan Wyman PE/Health Email