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Lanier High School encourages and promotes good attendance. Regular attendance in school develops good habits that will carry over later in life. Good attendance correlates very strongly with improved grades in school. School attendance is the responsibility of parents and students.

ABSENCE POLICY: State law requires attendance at school from age 7 to 16. It also authorizes strict penalties for non-attendance. Excused absences are defined by state law and include only the following areas:

  • Personal illness: individuals whose attendance in school would endanger their health or the health of others,
  • Death or serious illness of an immediate family member,
  • Recognized religious holidays,
  • Student under orders from a government agency,
  • Service as a page in the Georgia General Assembly,
  • Conditions rendering school attendance impossible or hazardous to students’ safety or health,
  • Registering to vote or are voting, for a period not to exceed one day.
  • Military leave of a parent and/or guardian

Lanier High School will allow students to have up to 3 days to be used as college visitation days. This visit is considered an excused absence. This absence will affect perfect attendance.

Chronic absenteeism can seriously jeopardize a student’s success in school. Please note that after 10 consecutive absences a student will be withdrawn if the school has not been contacted by the parent/guardian.

If 20 or more minutes of a class are missed, the student is considered absent for that class.

A student must be present for at least half of the school day in order to be counted present for the entire day.


When a student is absent from school, parents should notify the Student Services Office at 678-765-4856 between 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

On the first day back to school after an absence, the student must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence. The note is to be brought to the Student Services Office and can only be written for the current semester. The absence will be classified “Excused” only if it is covered by one of the above areas as defined by Georgia Law (listed above.)

For an absence to be excused, a parent note and/or more formal documentation (doctor’s note, court papers, etc.) can be provided for the seven areas up to fifteen total absences per school year; thereafter, for an absence to be excused, ONLY appropriate formal documentation beyond parental notification is required- doctor/dental note, court documentation, obituary, etc.

Please Note: If a student is more than 20 minutes late for a class, the student is considered absent from that class.


If parents find it necessary for their student to miss school due to an out-of-town trip, or other reason not considered to be excused, a Prearranged Absence form must be completed and returned for approval in advance. If the absence is approved, it will be classified as unexcused, but students will be allowed to make up missed work (Pre-arranged Absence forms may be picked up in the Student Services Offices at any time).


Gwinnett County’s Board of Education strongly encourages regular attendance for the entire school year. Regular attendance is necessary in order for students to obtain the maximum benefit from the educational opportunities offered. Therefore, students are urged to visit colleges the summer prior to their senior year or on a weekend in order to avoid the loss of valuable class instruction.

College visits are coded as “COL” and count as an excused absence on attendance records. This absence would not affect perfect attendance since it is as an excused absence.

Students are allowed three (3) prearranged college visits. College visit forms can be picked up in the Student Services Office. All forms must be verified by the college and returned to the Student Services Office to receive an excused absence.


Any student arriving late to school (after 7:10am) must check in at the Student Services Office located on Longhorn Boulevard.

Any student leaving campus after they have arrived on campus must check-out at the front lobby desk.

Check Out Requirements

  • Any student checking out will need verification by a parent, or guardian, by our office staff. No exceptions.
  • Notes for student check out should be brought to the front desk no later than 7:25am- this will allow ample time for parent/guardian verification.
  • Emails are not accepted as a note for student check out.
  • We do not allow check outs over the phone, a note must be brought in by the student, or a parent must come to the school in person to check the student out.

Check Out Procedures in Person

  • Students can be checked out by a parent/guardian in person at the front lobby desk. ID will be REQUIRED.

Student Self-Checkout

  • NO student even if 18 years old can check himself or herself out, unless they are emancipated. If you know you will be checking out during the school day, drop off a note (template is also available on the website) to the front desk prior to 7:25 a.m. The note must include a parent contact number to verify the note. Once your note is verified, students will be sent a pass to check out at the time indicated on the note.

Emails will not be accepted as a note for student check out.

We do not allow checkouts over the phone.

A student information card and clinic card complete with parent contact information and persons designated by parent to pick up student must be on file before a student is allowed to check out. Anyone checking a student out should be prepared to provide picture identification at the Front Lobby desk at the time of check out.


All students are expected to be in school and/or classes on time. This means in the classroom before the tardy bell rings. Students are considered tardy from the ringing of the 7:10 a.m. bell until 7:30 a.m.

Please be aware that the state of Georgia does not excuse heavy traffic and/or poor weather conditions as a reason for being tardy to school.

Students arriving to school after 7:10 a.m. must sign in the Student Services Office before proceeding to class.

Report directly to Student Services office upon arrival on campus to check in.


All students are expected to be in class on time. This means in the classroom before the tardy bell rings, otherwise you are tardy. If the student is not in the room on time, then they must go to the Student Services Office. At this location, the student will obtain a pass and then be sent to class. The student will not be allowed into class without the pass. If a student fails to get a pass and/or fails to attend class, the student will be considered AWOL (absent without leave/permission).

Consequences for Unexcused Tardy to Class (*cumulative total of tardies, not per class):

1 st –5 th Offense: Warning

6 th Offense: 1 day of Restricted Lunch

7th Offense: 2 days of Restricted Lunch

8th Offense: 3 days of Restricted Lunch

9th Offense: 2 hour Wednesday School,Parking Warning (referral to see administrator)

11th Offense: 4 hour Saturday School, Parking Suspension (referral to see administrator)

12th 14th Offense: In School Suspension, Parking Suspension (referral to see administrator)

After the 15th offense the consequence issued to a student will be at the discretion of administrator; suspension of parking privilege for the remainder of the school year may occur.