The Main Administration of the Gateway Assessment for Science and Social Studies will be held on March 27 (Science) and March 28 (Social Studies).  All 10th grade students are required to take this test as part of the graduation requirements.  10th grade students need to check the boards in the Front Lobby, on Longhorn Blvd and the Cafeteria for their testing locations. Make up exams will be given at a later date.

Testing Policy

The purpose of the Gateway Assessment Program is to measure student progress on Gwinnett's essential curriculum, the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS). The content of the high school Gateway Assessment consists of AKS from the required ninth and tenth grade courses in science, social studies, and language arts. Specifically, students will be responsible for the AKS in Biology, Chemistry, World History and ninth and tenth grade Language Arts. Students will be required to write TWO (2) tasks, one about science AKS and one about social studies AKS. Documents will be provided to help students remember details of the concept they have studied. Each student response is scored by at least two raters who do not know the student's name or school. If more than one point separates the score on any feature, the paper is scored by a third judge. All high school students will take the assessment beginning in the spring of the tenth grade year. High school students will have to pass the Gateway examination before they receive a GCPS diploma.

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